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Fresh Fit Food

10 Meals Per Week With Protein & Carbs | 5 day Plan |

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2 Meals Per Day For 5 Days.


The perfect lunch or dinner plan to provide you with the energy you need for the day! This plan will provide you with roughly 1500-1800 calories per day. We recommend you also add your own high-protein breakfast and healthy snacks during the day to reach your required calorie intake. 

Meal Size

All Small meals come with;

100g of cooked Protein.
100g of cooked Carbs.

All Large meals come with;

200g of cooked Protein.
200g of cooked Carbs.

Meal Selections

You can choose Mixed Batch option for 5 mixed meals or Choose your own selections with Special Request of the following flavours below;

-Beef Napoli Lean Beef Mince & Pasta

-Basil Pesto Chicken & Pasta

-Lean Beef Meatballs & Pasta

-Buffalo Chicken, Sweet Potato & Ranch Sauce

-Butter Chicken, Basmati & Rice

-Cashew Chicken, Basmati & Rice

-Garlic & Onion Beef Strips & Basmati Rice

-Grain Fed Rump Steak, Sweet Potato & Gravy sauce 

-Honey Soy Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Honey Mustard Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Honey Chilli Garlic Chicken, & Basmati Rice

-Herb Chicken, Sweet Potato & Garlic Mayo

-Herb Marinated Basa Fillet, Basmati Rice,  Lemon & Tartare Sauce

-Lemon Pepper Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Mango Curry Chicken, & Basmati Rice

-Masala Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Mexican Lean Beef Mince, & Sweet Potato

-Mexi Bowl & Basmati Rice

-Mongolian Beef & Basmati Rice

-Moroccan Chicken, Basmati Rice & Mint Yoghurt Sauce

-Peri Peri Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Portuguese Chicken & Sweet Potato

-Pulled Chicken Bowl

-Roast Chicken, Sweet Potato & Gravy

-Satay Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Sweet Chili Chicken & Basmati Rice

-Thai Green Curry Chicken, & Basmati Rice

-Tandoori Chicken, Basmati Rice & Yoghurt Sauce